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Welcome to Time Voyagers Genealogy, related history, and an ecclectic collection of other interests. Time Voyagers, protected by U.S. trademark, has now coalesced into an umbrella for a number of online and offline businesses professional interests. Our online genealogical family data that has been a free resource since 1995. Hopefully, you will continue to find these resources and information to be useful and help unlock mysteries about your ancestors and family tree.

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Ecology begins at home. Saving the environment is critical to future generations. Man made disasters, nuclear and biological weapons, and the extinction of species threaten our planet. The preservation of the lands where our forefathers walked is important to our heritage. If each person participates in even the smallest way each day, humanity as a whole benefits. NOTE: This link is temporarily unavailable. The provider has discontinued access, so we will search for new resources.

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Lauver-Davis Genealogy Research for
the genealogy database is ongoing.
The Lauver and Davis Genealogy Files
Links for all U.S. states and territories.


Records of births, deaths, wills,
marriages, and divorces.

Many families have roots in Pennsylvania.
Links to all 67 Pennsylvania counties

Time Travel

Click here to read about time travel. You'll find both serious and fun views on this fascinating topic. Find out why a small group of scientists believe it is possible to travel backward and forward in time.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Have you seen
these missing

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