bullet Jacob SWARTZ was born in 1744 in Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.. (9211) He resided on 22 May 1767 in Bucks Co., Pa.. (9212) He owned Quit claim and release of rights on Goshall Godshalk's mill and lands on 22 May 1767 in Towamencin Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.. (9213) Joined wife Eve and her brothers and sisters in releasing rights to the mill and property. He owned 100-acre plantation bequeathed from father, Andreas Swartz on 23 Nov 1771 in Hilltown Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.. (9214) At a cost of £330, £25 to be paid within one year of the death of Andreas and then £25 per year paid without interest until the debt was retired. This land was owned by Peter Sager prior to being sold to Andreas.

This land, apparently, was exchanged for a 97-acre plantation in Hatfield. He owned 97 Acre plantation exchanged for the Hilltown inheritance on 4 Nov 1774 in Hatfield Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa..(9215) His brothers and sisters were somehow part of the agreement, in that they may have also acquired or inherited adjacent acreage of this Hatfield property, not including the 97 acres.

Originally purchased by father, Andreas Swartz, from Jacob and Ann Foorman, 10 April 1769. It is believed, according to Hannah Benner Roach, that Andreas died before the land was fully paid for and Jacob made up the difference after the death of his father.

This property is located immediately north of the Hatfield Fair Grounds, less than a mile due east of the Yelles Kassel plantation, abutting the Johnson and Oberholtzer farms on the east and north lines. At one time, all the owners of the tracts in this vicinity were inter-related by marriage.

On 27 May 1775, 12 acres were sold to Christian Conver, a neighbor; on 18 April 1777, 20 acres were sold to Benjamin and Anna Rosenberger, southeast of Jacob and Eve. He owned 177 Acres and Messuage (house, barn, buildings, etc.) from Michael & Verona Meyer on 27 May 1794 in Hilltown, Bucks Co., Pa.. (9216) Previous land and home sold to Frederick Ratzell at the same time. The total property size was 182 acres, having bought four more acres on 27 May 1797 from Frederick and Catherine Fluke. Jacob sold 40 acres to his son Andrew on 18 April 1804 and the remaining 142 acres on 26 April 1816 to John Detweiler Jr. for £3500. He owned Small plot of four acres purchased from Frederick and Catherine Fluke on 27 May 1797 in Hilltown Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa..(9217) He owned Three lots, in all 166 acres purchased from Henry and Elizabeth Leister on 1 Apr 1816 in Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa..(9218) Located on the east side of Old York Road, sloped northeast to the Neshaminy Creek. One of the three lots was sold to son-in-law Andrew Koonser, a second to son Abraham Swartz on 4 Sept. 1816. On 24 Sept. he conveyed 51 acres along the Neshaminy to his son Isaac for $3798.

He resided Remaining 65 acres of original 97 acres of land acquired on 4 Nov 1774. 4 Nov 1774 to 1794 in Hatfield Township, Montgomery Co., Pa.. (9219) Sold in 1794 to Frederick Ratzell and moved to Hilltown, Bucks Co.. He served in the military American Revolution in Hatfield Township, Montgomery Co., Pa.. Hannah Benner Roach believes that Jacob took a more active role in the Revolution than most Benner men, but in 1779 he was listed as a Non-Associator. He did have fines assessed against him in 1777, but less than those assessed against other Benner men. Most Mennonites, by the beliefs of their faith, opposed military action and most in that area were fined £37,10 out of a maximum £40, whereas Jacob's fine is recorded as being £4,10. On 12 December 1777, he sold a blanket to the army for £4.10.

Later Jacob conformed more to the norms of his neighborhood, and in 1778 and 1779, paid the same fines as the others. Parents: Andreas SWARTZ and Barbara ----.

He was married to Eve GODSHALK by 1767 in or near Philadelphia Co.. (9220) Children were: Isaac SWARTZ, Andrew SWARTZ, daughter SWARTZ.

bullet John SWARTZ was born on 18 Jul 1747 in Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.. (9221) Parents: Andreas SWARTZ and Barbara ----.

He was married to Mary ----.(9222)

bullet Margaret SWARTZ was born on 7 Dec 1732 in Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.. (9223) Parents: Andreas SWARTZ and Barbara ----.

She was married to Andrew RUTH.(9224)

bullet Maria SWARTZ was born on 2 Dec 1728 in Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.. (9225) Franconia Twp. was not actually set up until at least 1739. Parents: Andreas SWARTZ and Barbara ----.

She was married to Isaac KULP.(9226)

bullet Sara SWARTZ(9227) was born on 18 May 1805.(9228) According to information on the Web from Melissa A. Kinzer, she was born 1804. She was buried in Feb 1868 in Lost Creek Mennonite Cemetery, Fayette Twp., Juniata Co., Pa.. (9229)(9230) Row 25 She died on 18 Feb 1868 in Pennsylvania.(9231) (9232) (9233) The death certificate of Solomon Benner states that his mother's maiden name was
Sarah Eyster. Since death certificates often rely of the memory of distraught
survivors, this information is considered less reliable. Still, further sources must be
sought out to confirm the findings. It is also, of course, possible that Sara was married more than once.
On the tax list of 1734 for Philadelphia Co. (now Berks Co.), Hanover Twp., the record shows a Christian EYSTER and a Johannes EYSTER.
Attention should also be given to pedigree #989, WFT., Vol. 1, where it shows a Sarah Swartz marrying William Benner in 1846.
In Hannah Benner Roach's work, "Detective Work Among The Benners," she lays out the details of Sara Swartz being 16 year's old at the time of the marriage and Christian's association with the Swartz family. This greatly weakens the likelihood of Sara's name being Eyster.

Variations of her given name were Sara and Sarah. The Juniata Co. Cemetery Index shows Sarah married to Christian, but does not show her maiden name. Parents: Isaac SWARTZ and Magdalena BERGEY.

She was married to Christian BENNER in 1821 in Bucks Co., Pa..(9234) (9235)(9236) (9237) Children were: Maria BENNER, Testen BENNER, Isaac BENNER, Elizabeth BENNER, Thomas BENNER, John BENNER, William BENNER, Abram BENNER, Sarah Ann BENNER, Solomon BENNER, Catherine BENNER.

bullet Susanna SWARTZ was born on 3 Dec 1739 in Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.. (9238) Parents: Andreas SWARTZ and Barbara ----.

She was married to Hupert KASSEL. (9239)

bullet Maxwell Thomas SWIFT (Private). Parents: Paul A. SWIFT and Elizabeth Joy AMLAW.

bullet Paul A. SWIFT (Private).

Children were: Maxwell Thomas SWIFT, Rowan Clara Celeste SWIFT.

bulletRowan Clara Celeste SWIFT (Private). Parents: Paul A. SWIFT and Elizabeth Joy AMLAW.

bullet Annie SWINEHART(9240) Parents: Lewis SWINEHART and Margaret HARTZELL.

bullet Lewis SWINEHART

He was married to Margaret HARTZELL before Jan 1870.(9241) Children were: Annie SWINEHART.

bullet Trientien SYMONS

She was married to Herman DAVITS. (9242) Children were: Aeltien Symons HERMANS.

bullet Tressa TANNEYHILL was born on 15 Sep 1886 in Altoona, Blair Co., Pa.. (9243) She resided 117 Willow Ave - Altoona on 24 Oct 1907 in Altoona, Blair Co., Pa..(9244) Her mother had the same address on this date. She resided on 27 May 1948 in Indiana, Indiana Co., Pa..(9245) Parents: William Edward TANNEYHILL and Minnie F. BRAWN .

She was married to S. E. BRIGHTBILL. (9246) Children were: Elmer Wilson BRIGHTBILL .

bullet William Edward TANNEYHILL was born on 17 May 1862 in Barree, Huntingdon Co., Pa.. (9247) He died on 8 Aug 1945 in Indiana, Indiana Co., Pa..(9248)

He was married to Minnie F. BRAWN by 1886. (9249)(9250) (9251) Children were: Tressa TANNEYHILL .

bullet Linda TARNOWSKY

She was married to Richard DICKSON . Children were: Cherie DICKSON, Terie DICKSON, Gracie DICKSON, Lorrie DICKSON, Richie DICKSON.

bullet Caroline TATE was born on 28 Jun 1878.(9252) She died on 26 Jun 1979.(9253)

She was married to Ammon LAUVER in 1900. (9254)

bullet Larry TAYLOR (Private).

bulletTEETERS .

He was married to Jane KELLER.

bullet James R. TERRY(9255) resided in Roanoke, VA.(9256)

He was married to Mary DAVIS.(9257) Possibly married in Roanoke, VA, during her parents' residence there.

bullet Jacob THOMAS

He was married to Catherine HOSTETTER .(9258)

bullet ---- THOMPSON(9259)

He was married to Deborah STAUFFER. (9260)

bullet Mary Ann TICE was born about 1796 in Pennsylvania. (9261)(9262) Research of Eric Emfield (see e-mail source) has year at about 1794. She resided on 10 Oct 1850 in Antis Township, Bellwood, Blair Co., Pa.. (9263) She appeared on the census on 10 Oct 1850 in Antis Township, Bellwood, Blair Co., Pa..(9264) see general notes for John and Peter Empfield

She was married to John EMPFIELD in Indiana Co., Pa..(9265) (9266) Children were: Peter EMPFIELD, John EMPFIELD Jr., Sarah EMPFIELD, Pauline EMPFIELD, Susan EMPFIELD.

bullet ---- TOMLINSON

He was married to Daryle Jean LAUVER .(9267) (9268)(9269)

bullet Phydelia TOOGOOD

She was married to Louis LAUVER. (9270)

bullet Andy TRAEGER

He was married to Sharon Kay WILDES on 23 Jun 1973 in Wisconsin.(9271) Children were: Brian TRAEGER, Sarah TRAEGER.

bullet Brian TRAEGER (Private). Parents: Andy TRAEGER and Sharon Kay WILDES.

bullet Sarah TRAEGER (Private). Parents: Andy TRAEGER and Sharon Kay WILDES.

bullet Jean Marie TRAUFLER (Private).

Children were: Elizabeth Joy AMLAW, Patrick Burton AMLAW.

bulletCatherina TSCHANTZ was born in 1595.(9272)

She was married to Ulrich BEUTLER on 5 Nov 1612 in Oberdiessbach, Canton Bern, Switzerland.(9273) Children were: Peter BEUTLER.

bullet Barbara TSCHUDIN was born in Aug 1616.(9274) She died in Oct 1686 in Muttenz, Kanton Basleland, Switzerland. (9275) She was buried on 6 Oct 1686 in Muttenz, Kanton Basleland, Switzerland.(9276)

She was married to Michael LEIPE on 19 Mar 1639 in Muttenz, Kanton Basleland, Switzerland.(9277) Children were: Michael LEIPE, Urs / Durs LEIPE, Leonhard LEIPE, Barbara LEIPE, Anna LEIPE, Barbara LEIPE, Hans Heinrich LEIPE, Adam LEIPE, Dorothea LEIPE.

bullet Mary TURNBAUGH OR SMITH(9278) was born on 27 Jul 1809 in Pennsylvania.(9279) She died on 14 Jul 1869.(9280) Based on inconsistencies in family history records, it is possible that Mary Turnbaugh or her husband Jacob could have been widowed prior to this marriage. Barbara may be a true DOMER, but it is also possible that her surname is Turnbaugh, which would make Mary's surname Turnbaugh from a previous marriage. More research is needed.

She was married to Jacob DOMER on 21 Dec 1826 in Huntingdon Co., Pa..(9281) (9282) Children were: Barbara Ann DOMER.

bullet Joseph TYSON(9283)

He was married to Ann NASH.(9284)

bullet William S. TYSON

He was married to Alyce/Elise NASH .(9285)

bullet Amber ULRICH Parents: David ULRICH and Lorrie STIFFLER.

bullet David ULRICH

He was married to Lorrie STIFFLER. Children were: Amber ULRICH, John ULRICH , Kelly ULRICH.

bullet John ULRICH Parents: David ULRICH and Lorrie STIFFLER.

bullet Kelly ULRICH Parents: David ULRICH and Lorrie STIFFLER.

bullet UNKNOWN

She was married to Robert MURRY. Children were: Robert MURRY.

bullet UNKNOWN

She was married to Hans GRAF. (9286) Children were: Jacob GRAF.

bullet UNKNOWN

She was married to Eric STOEHR. Children were: Zachary STOEHR.

bullet UNKNOWN

Children were: Anna May SMITH, Ferndeina SMITH.

bulletUNKNOWN was born in Maine.(9287) The Census of 1880 shows a Joseph Brawn, age 80 (born 1800) whose occupation was a cooper, living in Bradley, Penobscot, Maine, along with wife Anna, age 75. Their parents are also listed as being born in Maine. While it is possible that Joseph Jr., born abt 1845, could be their son, it must be remembered that some records suggest that Joseph Jr.'s parents were living in Milton, N.H. when their son died in 1882. No conclusion to this as of June 4, 2007.

She was married to Joseph Franklin BRAWN.(9288) Children were: Joseph Frank BRAWN.

bullet UNKNOWN resided Springfield, Ohio in 1897 in Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio. (9289)

She was married to Lewis LAUVER .(9290)

bullet UNKNOWN

She was married to Rudolph WURTZ. (9291) Children were: Susanna WURTZ.

bullet UNKNOWN

She was married to Jacob HACKMAN between 1716 and 1717. Children were: Jacob HOCKMAN, Benjamin HOCKMAN.

bullet UNKNOWN

Children were: Barbara GODSHALK, Alice GODSHALK, Susanna GODSHALK.

bulletUNKNOWN .

She was married to Christian HACKMAN about 1750.(9292) Children were: Abraham HACKMAN.

bullet ---- UNKNOWN

She was married to Robert STONEBRAKER .

bullet Syche UP DE GRAF(9293)

She was married to Hubert CASSEL. (9294) Children were: Yelles CASSEL.

bullet Erica Lynn VALINT (Private). Parents: Robert VALINT and Pauline Cora GENSAMER.

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