bullet David HEISER

He was married to Elizabeth STAUFFER. (4580)

bullet Martin HEISEY

He was married to Barbara DOHNER. (4581)

bullet Elizabeth HEISTAND

She was married to Abraham STAUFFER .(4582) Children were: John H. STAUFFER.

bullet Anna HEITZMAN(4583)

She was married to Hans WANNER Jr.. (4584) Children were: Jacob WANNER.

bullet HELMICK Parents: Harvey D. HELMICK and Irene Louise KELLER.

She was married to William WERNER.(4585)

bullet Glenn H. HELMICK resided Harrisburg When mother died. (4586) Parents: Harvey D. HELMICK and Irene Louise KELLER.

bullet Harvey D. HELMICK

He was married to Irene Louise KELLER .(4587) Children were: Glenn H. HELMICK, Joseph D. HELMICK, HELMICK.

bullet Joseph D. HELMICK resided Norfolk, VA When mother died.. (4588) Parents: Harvey D. HELMICK and Irene Louise KELLER.

bullet Anna Marie HEMMERS was born in Germany.(4589) She died in Germany.(4590)

She was married to Hermany GRORTHAUSS. (4591) Children were: Herman GROETHAUSEN .

bullet ---- HEMPHILL

He was married to Mary LAUVER. (4592)

bullet Margaret HEMSING

She was married to Joseph Oberholtzer STOVER .(4593)

bullet John HENCE

He was married to Barbara LIGHT. (4594)

bullet R. L. HENDERSON

He was married to Mary GENSIMER .(4595)

bullet Benjamin HENDRICKS

He was married to Katherine NASH .(4596)

bullet Janicken HENDRICKS was born before 1700.(4597) She died in Towamencin Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.. (4598)

She was married to Gerhart SCHRAUGER .(4599) Children were: Goshen Hendricks SHRAUGER.

bullet Mary HENDRICKS was born on 13 Oct 1796.(4600) She was buried in Apr 1875 in Brick Church Cemetery, Richfield, Juniata Co., Pa..(4601) She died on 12 Apr 1875 in Juniata Co., Pa..(4602)

She was married to Samuel C. MOYER on 20 Nov 1835 in Montgomery Co., Pa..(4603) Children were: John H. MOYER.

bullet Mary HENDRICKS

She was married to Henry CLEMMER .(4604)

bullet Michael HENGE

He was married to Barbara BENNER on 5 Mar 1822.(4605)


He was married to Lena KELLER.

bullet Entgen HENRICHS

She was married to Henrich WILHELMS .(4606) Children were: Lehntgen HENRICHS.

bullet Lehntgen HENRICHS died before 1676.(4607) Parents: Henrich WILHELMS and Entgen HENRICHS.

She was married to Thonis Theunissen GOTTSCHALK.(4608) Children were: Jacob Henricks GODTSCHALK.

bullet Juana HENRIQUEZ OF CASTILE(4609)

She was married to JUAN II. (4610) Children were: Ferdinand II KING OF ARAGON II.

bullet Abraham HENRY

He was married to Mary LIGHT. (4611)

bullet Paula J. HENRY (Private).

bulletElizabeth HERMAN was born on 22 May 1760 in Evangelisch, Siegen, Westfalen, Preussen. (4612)(4613) She died after Jun 1830 in Buffalo Twp., Union Co., Pa.. (4614)(4615) Assumption based on known death (1837) and place of husband. Parents: Johan Thomas HERMAN and Margretha ----.

She was married to Philip RORABAUGH on 26 Sep 1784 in First Reformed Church, Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Pa.. (4616) Children were: John RORABAUGH, Henry RORABAUGH, daughter RORABAUGH, daughter RORABAUGH, Daniel RORABAUGH.

bullet Johan Thomas HERMAN was born about 1735 in Westfalen, Preussen. (4617)

He was married to Margretha ---- before 1760.(4618) Children were: Elizabeth HERMAN.

bullet Aeltien Symons HERMANS was born between 1667 and 1668 in Goch, Westphalia, Germany. (4619) She died in 1706 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., Pa..(4620) Parents: Herman DAVITS and Trientien SYMONS.

She was married to Jacob Henricks GODTSCHALK. (4621) Children were: Godshalk Hermans GODSHALK , Jan Hermans GODSHALK, Magdalena Hermans GOTTSCHALK.

bullet Abraham HERR

He was married to Frena HOSTETTER. (4622)

bullet Veronica HERR It is not known yet if Veronica is the same Veronica Herr who married John's older brother Henry and, later, the eldest brother Christian.

She was married to John STEINER. (4623)

bullet Veronica (HOSTETTER) HERR(4624) Not enough is known about Veronica to conclude she is the same Veronica Herr who married Henry's younger brother John and, later, his older brother Christian.

She was married to Henry STEINER. (4625)

bullet Leola Celestine HERSCHBACH was born on 16 Oct 1911 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN.(4626) She died on 3 Jun 1987 in Brainerd, Minn..(4627)

She was married to Burton Leroy AMLAW on 5 Jul 1933. (4628) Children were: Patricia Jane AMLAW , Jon Thomas Ross AMLAW, Charles Lawrence AMLAW, May Lee AMLAW.

bullet Henry HERSHBERGER

He was married to Magdalena SHANK .(4629)

bullet Abraham HERSHEY Speculation by John Slabaugh that Abraham Hershey and Benjamin Hershey might be brothers and their parents could have been Christian and Esther Hershey of Manheim Twp.

He was married to Elizabeth LANDIS .(4630)

bullet Andrew HERSHEY

He was married to Mary ACKER. (4631)

bullet Benjamin HERSHEY Speculation by John Slabaugh that Abraham Hershey and Benjamin Hershey might be brothers and their parents could have been Christian and Esther Hershey of Manheim Twp.

He was married to Catherine LANDIS .(4632)

bullet Michael HERSHEY

He was married to Maria BENNER. (4633)

bullet Fannie HERTZ was born in 1866.(4634) She died in 1940.(4635)

She was married to Elmer GRAYBILL. (4636)

bullet Wilhelm IV HERZOF VON CLEV Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg was born on 28 Jul 1516 in Dusseldorf, Germany.(4637) He died on 5 Jan 1591 or 1592 in Dusseldorf, Germany. (4638) He was also known as William the Rich. He was also known as Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg. Parents: Johann III DER FRIEDFERTIGE Duke of Cleves and Maria VON GILDERN .

He was married to Maria of HAPSBURG Archduchess of Austria.(4639) Children were: John Wilhelm De La MARCK Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg.

bullet Anna HESS was born about 1619 in Baretswil, Zurich, Switzerland. (4640) She died about 1690 in Reihen, Germany. (4641) Parents: Hans Jacob HESS and Anna SPORI.

She was married to Michael MEYER in unknown person or place.(4642) Children were: Veronica "Verena" MEYER , Samuel MEYER, Hans MEYER .

bullet Elizabeth HESS was born about 1700.(4643) She resided Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster Co. in 1737 in Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa..(4644) This is assuming that Jacob and Magdalena were married by the time Jacob's mother and brothers arrived from Germany in 1737. There is at least one record that notes a Magdalena Hess. Most records, so far, show Elizabeth as the given name.

She was married to Jacob STAUFFER.(4645) Children were: Ann STAUFFER, Elizabeth STAUFFER, Christian STAUFFER, Veronica STAUFFER, Jacob STAUFFER, John STAUFFER, Magdalena STAUFFER, Abraham STAUFFER, Daniel STAUFFER, Henry STAUFFER, Samuel STAUFFER.

bullet Hans Heinrich HESS was born about 1570 in Ruetschwil, Baretswil, Switzerland. (4646) He died in Ruetschwil, Baretswil, Switzerland.(4647)

He was married. Children were: Hans Jacob HESS.

bullet Hans Jacob HESS was born about 1590 in Ruetschwil, Baretswil, Switzerland. (4648) He died in Boeckten, Sissach Parish, Basel, Switzerland.(4649) Parents: Hans Heinrich HESS.

He was married to Anna SPORI.(4650) Children were: Anna HESS.

bullet John HESS

He was married to Susanna LANDIS. (4651)

bullet Mable B. HESS resided on 9 Jun 1935 in Lititz, Lancaster Co., PA. (4652)

She was married to Marlin H. LAUVER on 9 Jun 1935.(4653)

bullet Magdalena HESS was born about 1719 in Uebersheimer, Palatinate, Germany. (4654)

She was married to Henry STAUFFER .(4655)

bullet Robert HICKS

He was married to Alverta DAVIS unknown. Children were: Robert (Bobby) (HOLLEN) HICKS.

bullet Robert (Bobby) (HOLLEN) HICKS died in D-Day Invasion, WWII. After his father died, Robert was adopted by step-father, Jack Hollen, and assumed the name Robert Hollen. Parents: Robert HICKS and Alverta DAVIS.

bullet Kungold HIESTAND was born about 1658.(4656) She was baptized on 10 Jan 1658 in Richerswil, Switzerland. (4657)

She was married to Johannes STAUFFER in 1685 in Ibersheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Palatinate, Germany. (4658) Children were: Daniel STAUFFER , Elizabeth STAUFFER, Henry STAUFFER, Jacob STAUFFER.

bullet Edward HILL(4659) was born in Jan 1818 in Pennsylvania.(4660) He resided Home of Samuel and Hannah Gensamer on 18 Jun 1818 in Bellwood, Blair Co., Pa.. (4661)

He was married to BLACK. Children were: Hannah Margaret HILL.

bullet Hannah Margaret HILL was born on 15 Jul 1843 in Pennsylvania. (4662)(4663) (4664)(4665) (4666) She resided in 1880 in Half Moon Township, Centre Co., Pa.. (4667) She died on 1 Jan 1912 in Versailles (Allegheny Co.) (Juniper Twp?), PA.(4668) (4669) (4670)(4671) Death certificate signed by Frank Kelly, Versailles, PA 1 Jan 1912 She resided Mrs. Louise Gensamer - Versailles on 1 Jan 1912 in Versailles, Allegheny Co., Pa.. (4672) She was buried on 4 Jan 1912 in Bellwood, Blair Co., Pa.. (4673) Fuoss Funeral Home records show her as being Hanah Hite under the death record of her son Lloyd Gensamer. However, Gensamer family records are probably correct with the name Hannah Hill.
According to "Blair County's First Hundred Years, 1846-1946," published by the Blair Co. Historical Society, there was a Rev. Samuel Hill, pastor of the Sinking Valley Presbyterian Church as early as 1835 (Sinking Valley was in Tyrone Township; also known as Sinking Valley Mills, Laurelville and Skelp). In 1845, a church building was erected near Tipton on ground donated by Graham McCamart.

The pedigree chart of Nancy Miller shows another child, "Annie." Annie could not be found in previous records noted in finding the other Sam & Hannah Gensamer children.

The Altoona Mirror obituary of her son Jerry E. Gensamer, who died 6 June 1966, reports her maiden name as Domer. Domer is a name mentioned in the Gensamer Bible, although not specific to being connected to Hannah, but Hill is the surname found in other documents.
Perhaps this was a second marriage for Hannah which would explain the possible existence of two surnames. Parents: Edward HILL and BLACK.

She was married to Samuel S. GENSAMER on 3 Jan 1861 in Warriors Mark, Huntingdon Co., PA. (4674)(4675) (4676) (4677) The name or word Domer appears in the Bible record. The meaning of this reference is unknown. Children were: Mary E. GENSAMER, George E. GENSAMER, Joseph H. GENSAMER, Ella L. GENSAMER, Samuel Steward GENSAMER, Edward Dorsey GENSAMER , Francis X. H. GENSAMER, John S. GENSAMER, Minnie H. GENSAMER, Susan V. GENSAMER, Jerry (Jeremiah) Ebbs GENSAMER , Emma GENSAMER, Lloyd H. GENSAMER , Marshall M. GENSAMER, Maxwell M. GENSAMER, Stuart GENSAMER, Dorsey GENSAMER.

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