bullet Thomas BENNER (1383) was born on 24 Aug 1830 or 24 Jul 1830 in Philadelphia.(1384) (1385)(1386) 24 Jul 1830 date is based on calculating Juniata Cemetery Index information of 55 years, 8 months, and 12 days on age at death.

Note that the Biographical Encyclopedia of the Juniata Valley states that Thomas was born in Philadelphia in June 1831. He was a Farmhand, Juniata Co. between 1845 and 1852 in Juniata Co., Pa..(1387) He resided rented farm, Walker Twp., Juniata Co. between 1852 and 1865 in Walker Twp., Juniata Co., Pa..(1388) He was buried in Apr 1886 in Lost Creek Mennonite Cemetery, Fayette Twp., Juniata Co., Pa..(1389) (1390) Row 26 He died on 5 Apr 1886. (1391)(1392) He served in the military in see general Note. He owned Farm later owned by son Abraham Benner in Walker Twp., Juniata Co., Pa..(1393) He was a Whig in Pennsylvania.(1394) First a Whig, then a lifelong Republican. He was a Republican in Pennsylvania. (1395) First a Whig, then a lifelong Republican. He was Mennonite in Walker Twp., Juniata Co., Pa.. (1396) There is a Private Thomas M. Benner listed among those mustered into service with the 125th Pennsylvania Regiment Volunteers, Infantry, Company C.. Mustered in at Huntingdon on 10 Aug. 1862; mustered out on 18 May 1863. There are no comments as to action or injuries. Found on Internet Web site:

on 2 July 1998.

Company C was known as the "Bible Company" because members of the community gave each man a Bible. This would be an interesting find if such a Bible still existed in the family. Parents: Christian BENNER and Sara SWARTZ.

He was married to Mary AUKER in Juniata Co., Pa..(1397) (1398) (1399) Children were: Abraham BENNER, Frances BENNER, Catharine BENNER, Anne BENNER, Samuel BENNER, Mary BENNER.

bullet William BENNER(1400) was born on 5 Sep 1834 or 15 Mar 1900.(1401) (1402) Juniata Co. Cemetery index calculates age at death, 66 years, 6 months, 10 days, which would mean 5 Sept. 1833. Hannah Benner Roach recorded the same date, but 1834 as the year of birth. He was buried in Mar 1900 in Whiteland United Methodist Cemetery, Delaware Twp., Juniata Co., Pa.. (1403)(1404) Hannah Benner-Roach concluded that William was buried in Lost Creek Mennonite Cemetery, Fayette, Juniata Co., Pa. However, the Juniata Co. Cemtery Index states otherwise.

Row 14 He died on 15 Mar 1900.(1405) (1406) Parents: Christian BENNER and Sara SWARTZ.

He was married to Nancy SHELLEY. (1407)

He was married to Annie SAUSMAN between 1859 and 1913.(1408)

bullet William H. BENNER was born on 13 Dec 1854.(1409) (1410) He was buried in 1936 in Lost Creek Mennonite Cemetery, Fayette Twp., Juniata Co., Pa.. (1411) He died on 6 Jul 1936.(1412) (1413) Parents: Isaac BENNER and Leiah AUCKER.

He was married to Clara May DUNN. (1414) Children were: Lulu BENNER, Clyde D. BENNER, George BENNER, Ruby BENNER, Oscar BENNER, Roy BENNER.

bullet Wilson BENNER(1415) Parents: Abraham BENNER and Louisa AUKER.

bullet Charles A. BENNETT was born in 1835 in Troy, Waldo, Maine. (1416) Parents: Moses BENNETT and Samantha BRAWN.

He was married to Rebecca G. CLOSSON on 12 Feb 1856 in Augusta, Kennebec, Maine.(1417) Children were: Gracie E. BENNETT.

bullet Charlotte A. BENNETT was born in 1846 in Maine.(1418) Parents: Moses BENNETT and Samantha BRAWN.

bullet Gracie E. BENNETT was born in 1859 in Maine.(1419) She was buried in May 1876 in Maine.(1420) She died on 28 May 1876 in Maine.(1421) Parents: Charles A. BENNETT and Rebecca G. CLOSSON.

bullet Lydia Abigail BENNETT was born in 1836 in Maine. (1422) Parents: Moses BENNETT and Samantha BRAWN.

bullet Moses BENNETT was born about 1811 in Pro Troy, Waldo, Maine. (1423) He died about 1846 in Pro Troy, Waldo, Maine. (1424)

He was married to Samantha BRAWN on 23 Oct 1832 in Winslow, Kennebec, Maine.(1425) Children were: Charles A. BENNETT, Lydia Abigail BENNETT, Wesley BENNETT, Moses A. BENNETT Jr., Charlotte A. BENNETT.

bullet Moses A. BENNETT Jr. was born in 1843 in Maine. (1426) Parents: Moses BENNETT and Samantha BRAWN.

bullet Wesley BENNETT was born in 1837 in Maine.(1427) Parents: Moses BENNETT and Samantha BRAWN.

bullet Elizabeth BENZ

She was married to Erhard MEILI on 20 Feb 1620.(1428)

bullet ---- BERGEY

She was married to Christian MEYER. (1429)

bullet Anna BERGEY was born on 28 Jan 1768.(1430) She died on 17 Jan 1836.(1431)

She was married to Joseph Godshalk OBERHOLTZER in 1810.(1432)

bullet Anna Barbara BERGEY was born about 1677.(1433)

She was married to Christian MEYER about 1704 in Germany.(1434) Children were: Christian MEYER.

bullet Catherine G. BERGEY was born on 1 Sep 1832.(1435) She died on 1 Oct 1901.(1436) Parents: Isaac BERGEY and Elizabeth GARGES.

She was married to David C. BENNER .(1437)

bullet Isaac BERGEY

He was married to Susanna HUNSBERGER .(1438) Children were: Magdalena BERGEY.

bullet Isaac BERGEY

He was married to Elizabeth GARGES. (1439) Children were: Catherine G. BERGEY.

bullet Magdalena BERGEY(1440) was born about 1771 in Salford, Bucks Co., PA.(1441) Parents: Isaac BERGEY and Susanna HUNSBERGER.

She was married to Isaac SWARTZ on 4 Jul 1797 in Bucks Co., Pa..(1442) (1443) (1444)(1445) Marriage was performed by John Pugh. Children were: Sara SWARTZ .

bullet William BERGEY

He was married to Catherine SHELLY. (1446)

bullet Anna Maria BERGSTRESSER

She was married to Daniel WOMER .(1447) Children were: Amelia WOMER.

bullet Elizabeth BERTSCHINGER

She was married to Andaras DANLIKER .(1448) Children were: Jakob DANLIKER.

bullet Jost BEUTLER

He was married to Barbeli ----. (1449) Children were: Ulrich BEUTLER.

bullet Peter BEUTLER was born on 10 Jun 1632 in Oberdiessbach, Canton Bern, Switzerland. (1450) Parents: Ulrich BEUTLER and Catherina TSCHANTZ.

He was married to Verena BUERKI on 8 Aug 1653 in Oberdiessbach, Canton Bern, Switzerland.(1451) Children were: Christian BEIDLER.

bullet Ulrich BEUTLER was born on 22 Dec 1588 in Oberdiessbach, Canton Bern, Switzerland. (1452) He died after 1636. (1453) Parents: Jost BEUTLER and Barbeli ----.

He was married to Catherina TSCHANTZ on 5 Nov 1612 in Oberdiessbach, Canton Bern, Switzerland. (1454) Children were: Peter BEUTLER.

bullet Barbara BIEDERMANN

She was married to Osli BAR. (1455)

bullet Barbara BILLIARD No record of children.

She was married to Samuel BENNER.(1456)

bullet Susan BINDER was born in 1787 in Clinton Co, Pa.. (1457) She was buried in Sep 1869 in Emmanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery, Franklin Twp., Butler Co., Pa..(1458) She died on 15 Sep 1869 in Butler Co., Pa.. (1459)

She was married to Henry Bauer STAUFFER about 1820 in West Vincent Twp., Chester Co., Pa.. (1460) Children were: Catherine STAUFFER , Deborah STAUFFER, Henry STAUFFER, Jacob Binder STAUFFER, Joseph Binder STAUFFER, Maria Christina STAUFFER , Sarah STAUFFER, Suzanne STAUFFER, William Washington STAUFFER.

bullet Ann (MYLIN) BINKLEY

She was married to Jacob STEINER .(1461)

bullet John BINKLEY

He was married to Anna LANDIS. (1462)

bullet Rhonda BIRD (Private).

Children were: Erica WILDES , Elizabeth WILDES.


He was married to Elizabeth EMPFIELD.

bullet BLACK (1463) died before Jun 1900. (1464) She was born in Pennsylvania. (1465) Note that her mother's surname and the name of her husband's mother were both
BLACK. Nothing more is known as of Nov 1996 as to the relationship, if any,
between these women nor if the information is correct as stated on the death
certificate of Hannah M. Hill.

She was married to Edward HILL. Children were: Hannah Margaret HILL.

bullet Mary BLACK was born on 8 Jan 1808 in Huntingdon Co., Pa.. (1466)(1467) (1468)(1469) (1470) She appeared on the census in 1850 in Half Moon Township, Centre Co., Pa..(1471) She died on 5 May 1868 in Huntingdon Co., Pa..(1472) (1473) The Census of 1850 also shows a 3 year-old boy by the name of Washington BLACK. The relationship to the family is unknown as of July 1999. Mary's maiden name was BLACK, so Washington could have been related to her or perhaps a son to one of Mary's daughters.

She was married to George GENSIMER.(1474) (1475)(1476) Children were: Sussanna GENSIMORE, Annie GENSAMER, Samuel S. GENSAMER, George GENSIMORE, Catherine GENSIMER, Washington BLACK.

bullet Washington BLACK was born about 1847.(1477) It is not known as of July 2000 who Washington's true parents were. He shows up in the Census of 1850 as a member of the household. We do know that Mary Gensimer's birth name was Black. Parents: George GENSIMER and Mary BLACK.

bullet Charles C. BLAKE(1478) Parents: Margaret RORABAUGH.

bullet Brian David BLANCH (Private).

bulletChristian BLANK.

He was married to Barbary ----. (1479) Children were: Maria BLANK.

bullet Maria BLANK was born on 29 Dec 1735.(1480) Parents: Christian BLANK and Barbary ----.

She was married to Hannes CREBIL in 1753.(1481) Children were: David CRABILL.

bullet Teri BLAYLOCK

She was married to Richard Carlson MCCOOL Jr..

bullet Ethel BLOOM

She was married to Harry Irvin KELLER on 16 Sep 1934 in Lewistown, PA. Source of date of marriage is unknown. Marriage date is in question because their first child was born after they were married, if a true date. Possibly there was another marriage? Children were: Grace Joan KELLER, Jane KELLER.

bullet Marx BODMER

He was married to Rychli / Ricarda GRAF .(1482)

bullet Nancy BOLLINGER

She was married to Dennis SHUNK. Children were: Dennis SHUNK, Richard SHUNK, Lori SHUNK, Brian SHUNK.

bullet Elizabeth BOMBERGER

She was married to Jacob GINGRICH .(1483)

bullet Carol BONSELL

She was married to Timothy GENSAMER .(1484) Children were: Adam GENSAMER, Drew GENSAMER.

bullet Viola M. BOOK (Private).

bulletGeorge BORNER.

He was married to Eva Mae GENSAMER .(1485)

bullet Elizabeth BOSSLER

She was married to Jacob DOHNER. (1486)

bullet Kathy BOUGHAMMER Parents: Robert BOUGHAMMER and Dorothy GENSAMER.

She was married to Joe ---- .

bullet Loretta BOUGHAMMER Parents: Robert BOUGHAMMER and Dorothy GENSAMER.

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